About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Blue Wave Postcard Movement is to mobilize millions of advocates, constituents, and voters in local and national elections, as well as bring awareness to social and environmental justice issues through peer-to-peer postcard outreach. We make it easy for organizers to coordinate local postcard writing efforts - providing everything from addresses to fundraising assistance. Our goal is long term community building and getting underrepresented and democratic leaning individuals involved in civic matters. 

Do Personalized Postcards Make a Difference?

Yes, Postcards Work!

"Postcards are an order of magnitude more cost-effective in turning out voters than canvassing, phone banking, texting, or TV ads."  - Voter Participation Center

"Get Out The Vote postcards boosted voter turnout by 1.71% in North Carolina and Texas primaries."  - 2020 Sister District Project

"Postcards increased voter turnout by 2.4% in the recent Florida primaries. Postcards with well-designed messages increased voter turnout by an even larger percentage - 3.6% in one instance." - 2020 America Votes

Every Vote Matters!

To put it in context, Hillary Clinton lost by tiny margins in three states in 2016: Wisconsin by 0.8%, Pennsylvania by 0.7%, and Michigan by 0.2%. You can literally change the outcome of a Presidential election by writing well-designed and well-timed postcards!

Our Postcards Make it Easy!

We don’t just ask people to register to vote by mail. We help them! Our postcards include preprinted websites, phone numbers and other information to make it very easy to vote.

"People are eager to do something - anything - to make a difference. Postcard writing is highly effective and easy for anyone to do. As many studies have shown, personalized postcards work! We see a huge potential in this and we are building a national movement to create an even greater impact. We are registering voters and turning out the vote. But we need more people!"

- Ning Mosberger-Tang, Founder, Blue Wave Postcard Movement