About Us

About Us

The mission of Blue Wave Postcard Movement is to turn out millions more voters in November 2020 and beyond through peer-to-peer postcard outreach. We make it easy for organizers to coordinate local postcard writing efforts - providing everything from addresses to fundraising assistance. Our goal is long term community building and getting underrepresented and democratic leaning voters out to vote.

In the next 100 days, we will be focusing on signing up people to vote by mail in key battleground states – North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, and others.

Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

Ning Mosberger, Founder Faith Gowan, Designer

Sharon Badian Julie Blanchet Chiu-Ki Chan Lisa Gillespie

Sani Golriz Adrianne Middleton Sha-Mayn Teh Nancy Wood

Our Partners

"People are eager to do something - anything - to make a difference. Postcard writing is highly effective and easy for anyone to do. As many studies have shown, personalized postcards work! We see a huge potential in this and we are building a national movement to create an even greater impact. We are registering voters and turning out the vote. But we need more people. November is almost here!"

- Ning Mosberger, Founder, Blue Wave Postcard Movement