Blue Wave FAQ

Information for Postcard Writers

What is the Blue Wave Postcard Movement (BWPM)?

We are a nonprofit organization that started in 2020 to restore democracy in America. This is our story as published on the Colorado Sun. Between June and December 2020, we sent more than 2.6 million postcards to democratic households in key battleground states, including Georgia. To date, we've sent out more than 3 million postcards. Check out our 2020 numbers

Our goal is to build communities and get people out to vote or take other necessary actions for legislative progress  through personalized and effective postcards (our postcards include websites, phone numbers, scanning codes and more to make it much easier for recipients).  We also try to engage underrepresented groups in the Democratic and grassroots process.  To learn more about Blue Wave Postcard Movement, visit our about page.

How do I join the Movement?

Here are all the ways you can join the movement

Can I write postcards without joining a group?

Yes, you can. When you go to check out and are asked - Are you already in a postcard group? - just select: "No: I would like to do it on my own."  For coordination and quality control, we do like postcard writers to join a group if they can. You can find an existing group to work with on our Group Map (some groups accept members from the public), or you can register to become an organizer

Who do we write to and what do we write on the postcards?

You will be writing to targeted individuals we think will make a difference depending on the campaign we run.  We will provide you with addresses and a scripted handwritten message on an instruction sheet. 

How quickly do we need to complete our postcards? 

As a general rule, we ask that you complete and mail all your postcards within a week after receiving them. Time is always of the essence! 

Why do you have part of the message printed on the cards? Isn’t it better to handwrite everything?

Research shows that just a small, personal touch on a postcard is all that is needed. With some of the messages printed, your job as a postcard writer is made simpler and far more efficient.

What preprinted information do you include? 

We include a special website (and a QR scanning code that links to that website) that makes it MUCH easier for recipients to take the requested action. If applicable, we include phone numbers of legislators, election offices, etc. depending on the campaign.

Where do I get addresses to send the postcards to?

Every kit includes addresses, postcards and instructions. You can get kits from our online store.

We focus on long-term community building and using postcard writing as a gateway to sustained activism. Can I write postcards without joining a group?

Yes, you can. However, for coordination, quality control, and fundraising purposes, we would like you to work with a registered organizer if possible. You can find an existing group to work with on our Group Map, or you can register to become an organizer

Should we sign our names on the postcards?

Feel free to sign your first name or initials. Do not sign your full name or include your address.

Do personalized postcards really make a difference?

Yes! Read about how postcards make a difference on our about page and check out our 2020-2021 impact!

Should we bundle the postcards with a rubber band when we mail them?

No. The USPS says that you should put them loose in the big blue mailboxes or in your personal outgoing mailbox. Rubber bands get stuck in the sorting equipment so they need to be removed manually before the postcards are sorted. If you hand them to a postal employee at the post office, put them in a bin so they can take the postcards from you easily,  but again, no rubber bands.

What if I need help paying for stamps?

Stamps are the single biggest expense in writing BWPM postcards, and we'd like to help. We provide stamp assistance through our organizers. Please contact your group organizer if you find paying for stamps a financial hardship. If you are an Individual Contributor, please email us:

How do I update my mailing status for my postcards?

We do not require you to update your mailing status anymore as the response was not consistent, and we have other ways to assess the efficacy of our postcards. 

What if I cannot write postcards ? How can I help?

We have many volunteers in need of stamp assistance, so your contribution to our stamp fund is always appreciated. You can find the contribution information here.