2020 Impact

Between June and October 2020, the Blue Wave Postcard Movement sent out almost 1.8 million informational and personalized postcards to battleground state democratic households. Many people we reached out to are low- or mid-propensity New American Majority voters who are young and/or BIPOC. We believe that the engagement of these hitherto underrepresented voting blocs will play a big role in our winning elections in 2020 and beyond.

A tally of different types of postcards we sent out (Voter Registration, Vote By Mail Enrollment, and Get Out The Vote postcards). All our postcards provided useful information and a website link, completed with a personal touch (handwritten messages by our amazing volunteers).

We strategically targeted a few key battleground states from Pennsylvania to Georgia with a dual focus of winning the Electoral College and the Senate Majority. We believe it's important to take back both the White House and the US Senate.