Our 2020-2021 Impact

We launched our first campaign in June 2020. From then till April 2021, the Blue Wave Postcard Movement sent out more than 3 million informational and personalized postcards to battleground state democratic households for the November 2020 elections, the January 2021 Georgia Senate runoff elections and for H.R.1/S.1 For the People Act.

2021 H.R.1/S.1 - the For the People Act

The H.R.1/S.1 For the People Act makes critical reforms to voting rights, campaign finance, and ethics & accountability. In 2021, we generated direct actions in support of this bill with our postcard campaigns.

We sent 250,000 postcards to AZ and WV from late February to mid March, urging activists to contact their Senators in support of the bill. As of 4/13/21, we recorded 1,075 patch-through calls to Senator Manchin's office and 4,465 calls to Senator Sinema's office. Over 80% of these were connected calls with live conversations averaging 1.5 minutes. We also sent an additional 100,000 postcards to NY and 30,000 to NH urging Senator Chuck Schumer and Senator Hassan to do all they can to protect the freedom to vote.

Sadly, the bill did not pass. However, we have helped move the conversation on filibuster reform.

2021 January Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

The Blue Wave team sprinted into action again right after we celebrated the Biden/Harris win. In the course of 6 weeks, we launched 5 campaigns for the Georgia Senate runoff elections from voter registration to absentee ballot signup and voter mobilization.

Our entire team, as well as our volunteer organizers and writers, was fully aware of what was at stake. We put in our 100% to get Georgia voters out to vote one more time.

Thankfully, we won both Senate seats in the runoff elections, against all odds.

2020 November Elections

We strategically targeted a few key battleground states from Pennsylvania to Georgia with a dual focus of winning the Electoral College and the Senate Majority. We believe it's important to take back both the White House and the US Senate. The Blue Wave in 2020 helped Democrats win the White House!

A tally of different types of postcards we sent out (Voter Registration, Vote By Mail Enrollment, and Get Out The Vote postcards). All our postcards provided useful information and a website link, completed with a personal touch (handwritten messages by our amazing volunteers).

2020-2021 Blue Wave Postcards

Our Writers

Since June 2020, we have established more than 450 postcard groups in the country. More than 5,000 volunteers - and their friends and neighbors - participated in the movement to write and mail postcards.