Virginia Campaign #2 -
Get Out The Vote! 

All 140 seats in Virginia’s State Legislature will be up for election on November 7th. Currently, Republicans control the House of Delegates and the Governor’s office, while Democrats control the State Senate. We have the opportunity to gain the majority in the House and maintain Democratic control in the Senate. However, there’s also a 50-50 chance that Republicans will maintain the majority in the House and take control of the Senate, resulting in a Republican trifecta in Virginia.

When Democrats held a trifecta in 2020-21, they repealed abortion restrictions, while Republicans fought to restrict and criminalize abortion. Republican Governor Youngkin has vowed to “sign any bill” to “protect life.” Democrats also passed bills to combat climate change, enacted gun control legislation, expanded Medicaid, protected LGBTQ rights, raised the minimum wage, improved voting access, and more. Republicans have publicly opposed these efforts and will undoubtedly attempt to roll back the progress made by Democrats if they regain power. The only way to prevent this from happening is to mobilize Virginia voters to turn out in this odd-year election and make their voices heard!

Our postcards will reach out to lower-propensity voters who will need an additional nudge to vote. 

How Do I Participate?

Order Virginia Campaign #2 - GOTV  postcard kits below - everything you need is inside.

We offer 2,000 postcard boxes with a 33% discount from 100-card kits (the discount is reflected in the list price).

Please complete and mail out postcards within a week of receiving them.

Invite your friends to help (we got 90% of our writers through referrals).

Why Us - Blue Wave Campaign Facts

Right Partners - We are partnering with Virginia Coalition for Progressive Values.

Right Kit - We provide everything you need, including postcards, self-adhesive address labels, instructions, and postcard stamps (optional).

Right Touch - By adding a few handwritten lines, you will create a postcard that motivates the voters

Right Price - We only charge at cost. We are 100% volunteer run. 

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