Western Slope Votes!

Help us write postcards mobilizing low- to mid-propensity democratic Colorado Western Slope voters! There's a critical congressional race in CD-3. In addition, there are some important state wide ballot measures that we need to either pass or defeat. Voting in Colorado is easy because every registered voter gets a mail-in ballot, however, many people still don't vote. Turning out Western Slope voters will help us build a strong blue wave in Colorado and protect our education, healthcare and women's right to choose.

How Do I Participate?

Order Western Slope Votes! postcard kits below - everything you need is inside.

Only available for local pickups in Boulder, Denver and Frisco.

Please complete and mail out postcards no later than Wednesday 10/28 - sooner is better!

Invite your local friends to help!

Why Colorado? Why Us?

Blue Wave Postcard Movement started in Boulder. A quarter of our postcard groups are located in Colorado. We are optimistic that Biden/Harris/Hickenlooper will win in the state but we are concerned about some of the ballot measures that have been bankrolled by out-of-state conservative groups. We also need to win the congressional race in CD-3.

We would like to mobilize and inform voters through this campaign.

Western Slope Votes!

Why Us? Campaign Facts:

  • Right People: We only reach out to likely democratic voters, esp. the low- to mid-propensity voters who need the extra push to vote.

  • Right Information: We make it easy for voters - providing websites, important voting information, QR codes, and more on our postcards.

  • Right Touch: By adding a few handwritten lines, you will create a postcard that inspires voters to act. We give you everything you need from postcards and addresses to a scripted message and stamps.

It’s fast and easy for voters and for you!