GA Voters!

Help us write postcards asking BIPOC Georgians to register to vote! If they register by December 7th, they will be eligible to vote in the GA Senate runoff elections on January 5th. Both races are very competitive and it will come down to voter registration and turnout.

How Do I Participate?

Order GA BIPOC Voter Registration postcard kits - everything you need is inside.

NEW: we are offering 2,000 postcard boxes with a 20% discount (the discount is already reflected in the list price). Please consider ordering them to reduce our volunteer workload.

Invite your friends to help!

This campaign is closed. We will launch more campaigns soon, sign up here to receive updates.

Why Georgia? Why Us?

Why Georgia?

The US Senate confirms the cabinet and other key positions in the administration, confirms federal judges and SCOTUS justice nominations, and holds a key vote for budget and legislation.

Register GA Voters!

There are two Senate runoff elections coming up in Georgia. The outcome of these elections will determine how well we can protect our healthcare, address the pandemic, promote racial equity, and build back the country better.

Why Us? Campaign Facts:

  • Right People: We only reach out to the underrepresented population.

  • Right Information: We make it easy for voters - providing websites, important voting information, QR codes, and more on our postcards.

  • Right Touch: By adding a few handwritten lines, you will create a postcard that inspires voters to act. We give you everything you need from postcards and addresses to a scripted message and stamps.

It’s fast and easy for voters and for you!