Stop the Recall

Republicans are trying to take over the California state government through an undemocratic recall election. They may succeed because Republicans are highly motivated while Democrats are not paying enough attention. Recall ballots have already been mailed to voters. Help us write postcards and urge Democratic voters to Vote No on the recall. Ballots must be returned before the 9/14 deadline.

How Do I Participate?

Order Stop the Recall postcard kits below - everything you need is inside.

We offer 2,000 postcard boxes with a 20% discount (the discount is already reflected in the list price).

Please complete and mail out postcards within a week after you have received them - sooner is better!

Invite your local friends to help!

This campaign is SOLD OUT.

Why Us?

Blue Wave Campaign Facts:

  • Right Partner: We're partnering with local organization Inland Empire United on this campaign to reach out to people who need an extra push with appropriate messages.

  • Right Kit: We provide everything you need, including postcards, peel-able address labels, instructions, and postcard stamps (optional).

  • Right Touch: By adding a few handwritten lines, you will create a postcard that motivates the voters.

  • Right Price: We only charge at cost. We are 100% volunteer run.

  • Track Record: Check out our 2020-2021 campaigns and accomplishments!

It’s fast, easy, and effective!