Help us write postcards asking Wisconsin Democratic voters to sign up for Vote By Mail (VBM). Wisconsin allows no-excuse VBM but voters must request it. VBM makes it more likely that people will vote, especially given the pandemic when some people may be too afraid to wait in line at the polls. We are asking voters to sign up for VBM now, mail it out or drop it off early. We work closely with in-state groups to target the right voters for this final VBM enrollment push.

How Do I Participate?

Order Win Wisconsin! postcard kits below - everything you need is inside!

For orders of 10 kits or more, use coupon code FREESHIP2000 to get free shipping to anywhere in the US.

Complete and mail out postcards in a week, if possible. Time is of the essence.

Tell your friends about us!

This campaign is SOLD OUT. However, we still have about a dozen special kits available for an important experiment. If you are able to pick up (from Boulder), complete and mail out a kit by Monday 9/28, please contact Each kit has 200 postcards and takes about 6 hours to finish. Thank you in advance for your help!

Why Wisconsin? Why Us?

Wisconsin is one of the key battleground states and we lost by a mere 22,000 votes in 2016, a tiny margin of 0.77%!

Win Wisconsin!

Increasing voter turnout could ensure we win Wisconsin. Join us and help turn WI blue again in 2020!

Why Us? Campaign Facts:

  • Right People: We only write to Blue voters in Swing States who have not yet signed up for Vote by Mail. We constantly update the voter addresses we send you.

  • Right Information: We make it easy for voters - providing websites, phone numbers, QR scanning codes, and more on our postcards.

  • Right Touch: By adding a few handwritten lines, you will create a postcard that inspires voters to act. We give you everything you need from postcards and addresses to a scripted message and stamps.

It’s fast and easy for voters and for you!

We urgently need more postcards writers!