H.R. 1 -

West Virginia

Help us write postcards mobilizing West Virginia activists to contact Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), urge him to support H.R.1/S.1 - For the People Act, and not allow Mitch McConnell to kill it with a filibuster. Manchin’s support may be the key to passing the Act in Congress. This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect and enhance democracy in our country. However, it won't happen unless more people advocate for it.

How Do I Participate?

Order H.R.1 West Virginia postcard kits below - everything you need is inside.

We offer 2,000 postcard boxes with a 20% discount (the discount is already reflected in the list price).

Please complete and mail out postcards in two weeks after you have received them - sooner is better!

Invite your local friends to help!

The current campaign is SOLD OUT! Sign up here to get notified of our next H.R.1 campaign.

Why West Virginia? Why Us?

Senator Manchin went on the Fox News recently and said that he won't kill the filibuster. However, he had changed his mind in the past upon constituent demand. West Virginians must stand up and demand for the passing of the For the People Act. The future of our country depends on it.

Why Us? Campaign Facts:

  • Right People: We only reach out to activists. We partner with Common Cause on this campaign.

  • Right Information: We make it easy for activists - providing websites, important advocacy information, QR codes, and more on our postcards.

  • Right Touch: By adding a few handwritten lines, you will create a postcard that inspires activists to act. We give you everything you need from postcards and addresses to a scripted message and stamps.

It’s fast and easy for activists and for you!