All donations will go to an activist assistance fund to help writers who cannot afford costs associated with postcard campaigns, such as stamps and shipping.

Option 1: Donate Online

You can donate online to our activist assistance fund through our secure donation link. You can also donate to a fundraiser created specifically for your group. If stamp assistance is requested, we will send the stamps to you once we have received the funds. We will only buy stamps from the US Postal Service. 

Option 2: Donate by Check

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail it to the address below. It will take a few days for a check to arrive and be cleared. Please notify us via after you have made a donation so we can be on alert for the check. Please make the check payable to Blue Wave Postcard Movement and mail it to:

Blue Wave Postcard Movement

637 S. Broadway Ste. B, #343

Boulder, CO 80305

Option 3: Donate by Wire Transfer

Wire Instruction

You can donate by wire transfer. Please notify us via after you have made a donation so we can watch for the wire. 

Bank Information


4770 Baseline Rd. Suite 100

Boulder, CO 80303

Account Information

Routing number: 107005047

Account number: 6371270944 

Account name: Blue Wave Postcard Movement

EIN (if you need it): 84-4615793

Your donation to the Blue Wave Postcard Movement will not be tax deductible.