Community Service for Students

Attention: High School Students

Thank you for taking the opportunity to amplify your voice and engage in our democratic process! We have good news for you. Your volunteering activities with the Blue Wave Postcard Movement, including postcard writing, can count toward your community service hours for National Honor Society and IB Diploma Program CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) requirements. We will be happy to verify your hours, if needed. Please contact

Here is one of the verification letters we wrote:

Dear [Student Name],

The Blue Wave Postcard Movement is a non-profit organization focusing on creating social changes. Our mission is to increase civic engagement and turn out millions more voters through peer-to-peer postcard outreach. We help organizers coordinate local postcard writing efforts. Our goal is long term community building and getting underrepresented voters out to vote.

Thank you so much for writing postcards for 5 hours in October 2020 to help people vote during the pandemic. Recipients reported that these postcards provided them with the information they needed and also inspired them to vote. This year, you became an important part of our effort to make our government work for everyone.

Adrianne Middleton
Blue Wave Postcard Movement