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Postcards since launch: 5.24 million! Check out our impact summary >>>

The mission of the Blue Wave Postcard Movement is to mobilize millions of advocates, constituents, and voters in local and national elections and to raise awareness about social and environmental justice issues through peer-to-peer postcard outreach.

We started in 2020 to protect democracy in America. Read about us on the Colorado Sun >>>

2020 - Between June and December 2020, we focused on winning the Presidential and US Senate elections. We sent more than 2.6 million postcards to voters in key battleground states including Georgia for the Runoff. Check out our 2020 campaign summary.

2021 - We advocated for voting rights and the For the People Act by sending almost 500,000 postcards to voters in key states, urging them to call their Senators to support the bills. We also advocated for democracy and climate in California and Colorado through our postcard campaigns. Check out our 2021 election night reflection.

2022 - We focused on winning state legislative power to protect free and fair elections. We also mobilized voters to turn out for the Georgia Runoff. We sent more than a million postcards in a few months. Check out our 2022 midterm review.

2023 - We endorsed Judge Janet Protasiewicz for the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race and helped elect her to the court! We also turned out Ohio voters to defeat Issue One in the special August election. Finally, we focused on Virginia state legislative races by turning out voters in competitive house and senate districts.


Not just ANY postcards. Our postcards are designed to be impactful and easy for voters. 

Not just ANY voters. We focus on low propensity voters we need to turn out to vote.

Not just ANY campaign. We focus on campaigns where we can make a difference.

We measure our progress – and it’s working! 

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In the 2020 Florida Presidential Primary, postcards increased voter turnout in some areas by 3.6%.

To put that in context, Hillary Clinton lost by less than 1% in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

In 2021, our writers sent 150,000 postcards to Arizona and generated 4,465 calls to Senator Sinema's office urging her to support the For the People Act. That's a success rate of 3%.

Postcards WORK!

OUR POSTCARDS (2020 - 2022)


Since June 2020, we have established more than 450 postcard groups in the country. More than 5,000 writers - and their friends and neighbors - participated in the movement to write and mail postcards. Our writers are located all over the country! See below - click on each state to see more details. 

Also, check out our postcard group map and join a group near you! It's fun to write postcards with others! 


We always work with our local partners on targeting and messaging for our campaigns. We also work with our partner organizations to recruit more writers.