Join the Movement

Do you want to continue the important work we started together in 2020 elections? Civic activism is a marathon, not a sprint. All of us in the Blue Wave organization are fully committed to continuing the good fight for a more just, equitable, and environmentally friendly society. If you are interested in remaining engaged, please sign up to write postcards with us:

It’s fast and easy to start your own group of postcard writers. You simply invite a few friends to join your group, help them get started, and spread the word about our work. Group leaders are a tremendous asset to our organization - helping us recruit more postcard writers and making a real impact. You can do everything virtually - and we give you all the tools you need. Please start a group now to write postcards together:

Some groups need help paying for stamps. We are run by volunteers so 100% of your donation will go toward purchasing stamps for groups that need help. Your donation will help us reach more voters. Please donate to the stamp fund here:

It's much more fun to write postcards with likeminded people! You can socialize, listen to great speakers including candidates running for office, and create an impact - all at the same time! Please attend a neighborhood postcard event or host one yourself with your friends: